Preventive and Clinical Nutrition

  1. 2017
  2. Published

    Use of flax seed mucilage or its active component for increasing suppression of hunger, increasing reduction of prospective consumption, increasing reduction of appetite in a subject during or between meals or feedings

    Astrup, Arne, Tetens, I. & Kristensen, M. B., 1 Feb 2017, Patent No. WO2009/033483, 19 Mar 2009, Priority date 14 Oct 2010, Priority No. US 2010/0261661 A1

    Research output: Patent

  3. 2019
  4. Published

    Flaxseeds for Body Weight Management

    Astrup, Arne, Tetens, Inge & Thomsen, A. D., 2019, IPC No. A23C13/10, A2315/00, A2319/00, A23C9/00, A23L1/00, A61P3/00, A21D13/02, A21D2/26, A21D2/36, A23L2/00, A23L25/00, A23L7/10, A61K36/55, Patent No. 2564632, 18 Jun 2019, Priority date 10 May 2004

    Research output: Patent