Forside af ph.d. afhandlingThe impact of training and exercise on vascular growth  and peripheral vascular function in skeletal muscle of subjects with essential hypertension

Ane Håkansson Hansen

PhD thesis

2010, 123 pages, DKR 100
ISBN: 978 87 917 7128 6

Essential hypertension is a cardiovascular disease with no simple identifiable cause and the underlying mechanisms are still unclear. In general, the elevation of the blood pressure includes a major risk factor for myocardial infarction and stroke. The present thesis examined the effects of acute exercise and regular training in hypertensive subjects. The thesis covers 3 main areas: 1) vascular growth, 2) regulation of peripheral vascular function and 3) capillary basement membrane remodelling. These areas were examined in skeletal muscle in subjects participating in a four month training program

The major novel finding of this thesis is that a period of regular training is associated with improved angiogenic potential, enhanced vascular growth and improved vascular function. These alterations are paralleled by a lowering of blood pressure indicating a beneficial effect of training that may be associated with improving the regulation of total peripheral resistance.