1 May 2017

Osterix - Cheese and metabolic risk factors


It is currently being challenged if all dairy products should be considered equal or if for example intake of cheese may prove more beneficial than intake of dairy fat from butter and cream with regard to metabolic risk factors.

The aim of the present research project is to examine whether consumption of high daily amounts of cheese, both high-fat and low-fat, affects risk markers of disease in a study population of men and women with metabolic syndrome risk factors. This will be done by considering cheese as a food product per se and not as a sum of single nutrients, knowing that the single components of cheese cannot be adequately placebo-matched. A relatively high daily intake of high-fat cheese will be compared to a similar intake of low-fat cheese and with a carbohydrate control group.

The project enrols up to 170 subjects who will be randomized to one of the three diets for a 12 weeks’ intervention period. In a sub-group, 4-h postprandial glucose and insulin response after 12-weeks’ intervention will also be examined.

The funding comes from national and international diary research funds and companies and the study runs from 2013 to 2016.