1 May 2017



The MyNewGut Project, (Microbiome's influence on energy balance and brain development/function put into action to tackle diet-related diseases and behaviour) will research how the human gut microbiota and its genome (microbiome) influence obesity, behavioural- and lifestyle-related disorders and vice versa. It also aims to identify specific dietary strategies to improve the long-term health of the population.

The objectives are to expand knowledge of

  • the contribution of the human microbiome to nutrient metabolism and energy balance;
  • identify microbiome-related features that contribute to or predict obesity and associated disorders;
  • understand how the gut microbiome, under the influence of environmental factors, plays a role in the brain, metabolic and immune system development in early life and long-term health consequences;
  • and provide proof-of-concepts of the disease risk and reduction potential of dietary interventions with new food products and ingredients that target the gut microbiome, in humans.

The project is a multi-centre multi-national study funded by the EU 7th framework programme.

The project period is 2013-2018. 

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