1 May 2017



EMIF plans to address the logistical challenges of developing a sustainable and scalable information framework which has the potential to access data on a scale and at a level of detail not currently available which will completely re-shape the way researchers currently approach key scientific questions and also to open avenues of research that so far have been out of reach.

The current project will focus on two such research questions to provide focus and some guidance for the framework development.

One of the research questions is the EMIF-metabolic topic, where the discovery of predictors of the metabolic complications of adult and paediatric obesity shall lead to innovative diagnostic tests, pave the way to novel therapeutics targeted to high-risk individuals, and provide the infrastructure to select individuals for such targeted pharmacological interventions.

The project includes EPFIA partners and partners from universities, research organisations, public bodies, non-profit groups, Patients’ organisations and SMEs.

The project period is 2013-2018.

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