Current research projects

in the section for Obesity Research


    EMIF plans to address the logistical challenges of developing a sustainable and scalable information framework which has the potential to access data on a scale and at a level of detail not currently available which will »

  • MyNewGut

    The MyNewGut Project, (Microbiome's influence on energy balance and brain development/function put into action to tackle diet-related diseases and behaviour) will research how the human gut microbiota and its genome »

  • Osterix - Cheese and metabolic risk factors

    It is currently being challenged if all dairy products should be considered equal or if for example intake of cheese may prove more beneficial than intake of dairy fat from butter and cream with regard to metabolic risk »


    PREVIEW is an acronym of PREVention of diabetes through lifestyle Intervention and population studies in Europe and around the World. The project is a large multi-national diabetes prevention project using two different »

  • SoSu-liv

    The SoSu-liv project is a collaboration between University of Copenhagen, Pensam A/S and the IT company Mobile Fitness A/S. The project is 38 weeks health promotion project using web and mobile - based digital tools »

  • STRUCSAT - How structure affects satiety

    A research project funded by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, DuPont Nutrition Biosciences Aps and Arla Foods Ingredients Group R&DFoods destined for weight management are most often products with reduced »