Nutrition, Metabolism, Growth and Development

Our research group focuses on understanding the metabolic and developmental effects of diet and nutrition in children and adults.

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We conduct research into the effects of specific nutrients (e.g. marine n-3 fatty acids, vitamin D), foods (e.g. dairy, fish, wholegrains, and novel foods) and whole diets (e.g. high vs. low protein diets and breast milk composition) on body weight regulation and growth, body composition, cardiovascular and metabolic function and cognitive function and mental wellbeing, amongst others.


We mainly conduct studies in high-income settings focusing on pre-conception, pregnancy, childhood and adolescence as well as adulthood. Herein, we conduct research to evaluate the influence of growth and nutrition in early childhood on later risk of non-communicable diseases.

We actively undertake diet-based randomized trials and energy balance studies assessing changes in anthropometry, metabolism, neurocognitive function, growth and development among different population groups and thereto, observational studies. We also explore sex-differences, diet-gene interactions, potential mechanisms of action and the role of the gut microbiota.

We design our studies with emphasis on public health relevance and clinical applicability of the results.
We have a broad range of research collaborations with leading scientists from Danish and international research institutions, hospitals and other public and private stakeholders.



Research projects


Appethyl® vs placebo in management of prediabetes among overweight and obese individuals

The research project investigates the effect of adding a natural spinach powder, Appethyl® to a diet and lifestyle based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations on health outcomes among individuals with overweight, obesity, and prediabetes.

Read more about the project Appethyl.








Empower consumers to ’PREVENT’ diet-related diseases through ’OMICS’ science.

Funded by

Horisont 2020.


PhD student Kristina Pigsborg

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Period: 2007 - 2010.

The SKOT cohort study (in Danish - Småbørns Kost Og Trivsel) is a research project with the aim to investigate possible interactions between dietary intake, growth, cognitive development, overweight and markers of lifestyle related diseases in small children aged 9-36 months.

The SKOT cohort was initiated in 2007 and consists of 330 children. The first examination took place when the infants were 9 months of age, and since then they have been examined at 18 and 36 months. We expect the examinations at 36 months to be completed in the fall 2010.

The overall objective for SKOT is to contribute with knowledge for the national guidelines for parents about the best suitable diet in the child's first year of life, especially with regards to improve prevention of later development of overweight, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

The study has its base at the Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen. SKOT is a part of the project ’Complementary and young child feeding’ (CYCF) - impact on short and long term development and health.

Funded by

Danish Directorate for Food, Fisheries and Agri Business.


SKOT kohorten, 

PhD thesis from the SKOT cohort study


Members of research group

Name Title Phone E-mail
Annette Vedelspang Nutrition Consultant +4535334616 E-mail
Anni Larnkjær Academic Staff +4535333548 E-mail
Birgitte Kronbo Hermansen Nutrition Consultant +4535332494 E-mail
Camilla Trab Damsgaard Associate Professor +4535332221 E-mail
Christian Mølgaard Head of Section +4535332516 E-mail
Christina Sonne Mogensen PhD Fellow +4535333284 E-mail
Faidon Magkos Professor +4535333671 E-mail
Inge Birgit Rasmussen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332214 E-mail
Jack Ivor Lewis PhD Fellow +4535335314 E-mail
John Gargul Lind Laboratory Technician. +4535332480 E-mail
Karoline Sandby PhD Fellow +4535323377 E-mail
Kim F. Michaelsen Professor Emeritus +4535332495 E-mail
Kristina Pigsborg PhD Student +4535337893 E-mail
Lars Hein Christensen Postdoc +4535333751 E-mail
Lotte Lauritzen Professor +4535332508 E-mail
Marie Terese Barlebo Madsen PhD Student   E-mail
Mona Adnan Y Aldubayan PhD Student +4535327309 E-mail
Sophie Hilario Christensen Academic Research Staff +4535336691 E-mail
Søren Andresen Biomedical Laboratory Scientist +4535332468 E-mail