Reconfigurations in Large-Scale Brain Networks

The project examines how flexibility and stability in brain networks changes in the ageing brain  and how that affects our motor skills.

Age-Dependent Changes in Motor Networks

The brain achieves its enormous action repertoire by dynamically activating sets of brain regions that join together into self-organized coalitions.

It is currently unclear how experience and aging influences the stability and flexibility of these coalitions and this limits our ability to optimally support the aging brain.

To gain insight into the interplay between network flexibility and stability we use a multi-method approach combining functional neuroimaging and focal neurostimulation to identify interactions between physical activity, training and aging.

Our findings will significantly advance our understanding of how large-scale brain networks dynamics change across the lifespan.


Involved in the project

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anke Ninija Karabanov Associate Professor +4535328039 E-mail


Name Institution
Gesa Hartwigsen Max Plank Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Anna Riekmann Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging, Umeå University 

Hartwig Siebner

Danish Research institut for Magnetic Resonance 


Associate professor Anke Karabanov

Research leader 2020

Anke Karabanov
Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan, Independent Research Fund, Denmark