16 January 2020

PhD scholarships in Nutrition and Sports 2020


TALENT is a doctoral programme co-funded by the European Union, with 74 PhD scholarships in the natural and life sciences to be awarded and completed within the next five years.

The Doctoral Programme TALENT is offering 25 PhD scholarships in 16 areas, commencing no later than 1 August 2020. Se the job posting.

"Nutrition and Sports" is one of the 16 areas in the programme. The theme encompasses all activities related to nutrition and physical activity including sports in relation to health, performance, quality of life and disease prevention. The theme includes large intervention studies in nutrition and physical activity to assess health effects as well as molecular mechanisms explaining effects of the interventions.

The TALENT programme offers applicants the chance to become part of a cohort of exceptionally talented research students with the opportunity to fast-track the career in science and beyond. To achieve this, they offer a wide range of options, opportunities and benefits. These include:

  • Access to international and intersectoral collaborations and networking with a range of industrial organisations involved as partners.
  • Access to excellent research environments and infrastructures with world-leading research groups participating in the programme within our 16 programme areas.
  • Access to an extensive training and career mentoring programme with scientific training supplemented by bespoke courses in a range of academic and transferable skills.
  • Employment under world-leading working environments as all scholarships are fully funded in line with Danish employment conditions.

Read more at the Programme Website