TWIST & TWIN – Exploring identities in dance

The 13th World Congress of Dance and the Child International (daCi)

During this congress approximately 700 participants from more than 20 countries will come together to dance, create, explore, share, present, perform and discuss the meaning of dance to young people’s identities and lives across age levels and professions.

Throughout the congress the participants will be involved in processes of ‘twinning’, which implicate two or more partners coming together about a common issue. This is not only sharing ideas, but creating new knowledge together. Twinning as a method can be encompassed and expressed in multiple ways, for example culturally, methodologically, pedagogically, across age groups, and between professions, institutions and communities.

The theme to be explored through ‘twisting’ and ‘twinning’ is identity in dance as it is experienced in formal, non-formal and informal settings of education. Dance is as both a practical area and a research area experiencing rapid growth. Dance is part of four recognized artistic areas within arts education, which is acknowledged as a key area within UNESCO’s 21st Century Skills.

Dance education in particular puts an emphasis on the role of the body in artistic processes, and the body is in current research in educational studies, psychology and neurophysiology highlighted as being the ‘place’ where experiences, cognition and identity processes are grounded. A person’s identity is multi-faceted and believed to be constantly developing in intertwinement with embodied and cultural experiences, social relations and the various situations that the human being experiences.

During the congress we will further explore:

  • How can we comprehend and describe identity in the 21st Century?
  • What kinds of identity are experienced and expressed in dance practice of young people around the world today?
  • What role does dance play for young people to define and perceive their own and others’ identities?
  • How do professionals working with dance and young people comprehend and articulate their own 
professional identity?


5 - 10 July 2015


The Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen and the Dance Halls, the Carlsberg area, Copenhagen.

Organized by

The World Congress  is celebrated as a collaboration between the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen, the Dance Halls at the Carlsberg area and the Danish National School of Performing Arts at Holmen.