Lecture - Arthur W. Frank

Selves, Their Guidance System, and Narrative Fallibility

The lecture demonstrates the importance of literature to the three professional practices of narrative medicine, narrative ethics, and narrative therapy. I propose a reading of Dickens’ Great Expectations based on these practices, especially narrative therapy. My question is how humans of necessity use stories to guide their actions, the fallibility of that narrative practice, and how narrative can remedy problems that narrative creates.

About Arthur W. Frank

Arthur Frank is professor emeritus of sociology at the University of Calgary, where he has taught since 1975. He is a trained medical sociologist. He currently is professor at VID Specialized University, Bergen, Norway, and core faculty at the Center for Narrative Practice in Boston. He lives in Calgary.


14 October 2016, 13:00


Store Auditorium, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Nørre Allé 53, 2200 Copenhagen


The lecture will be given in English.


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Reinhard Stelter, rstelter@nexs.ku.dk