Sport in the City – Mobility, Urbanity and Social Change


The theme of the conference is Sport in the City: Mobility, Urbanity and Social Change.

Copenhagen is the city of cities when it comes to exercise and movement. The urban way of life is spreading in the entire western world and to a great extent influences the social interactions for better or worse. Late modern lifestyles full of physical activity form the urban landscape and shape a city, which is alive, open, and creative, but the social change processes also establish outsider groups in the shadows of the periphery. Social inequality and exclusion leave footprints in the dusty gravel of the parks.

The city as a phenomenon is growing and thus also the life forms of the city. Perhaps because of this, living a sporty and healthy lifestyle is relevant like never before.


4 May - 7 May 2016


Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen.


The conference is in English.