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About the 10-20-30 training concept

Eighteen moderately trained individuals (6 females and 12 males) were divided into a high intensity training (10-20-30; 3 females and 7 males) and a control (CON; 3 females and 5 males) group.

For a 7-week intervention period the 10-20-30 replaced all training sessions with 10-20-30 training consisting of low, moderate and high speed running for 30, 20 and 10 seconds, respectively, in 3-4 5-min intervals interspersed by 2 minutes of recovery, reducing training volume by 54%, while CON continued the normal training.

Before and after the 7-week intervention period subjects performed a 1500-meter and a 5-km run to test if their performance improved during the study.

In addition, subjects completed an incremental test to exhaustion on a motorized treadmill while their maximal oxygen uptake was measured before and after the intervention period, to examine if the subjects training status improved after 7-weeks with the 10-20-30 training concept.

In the study not only performance parameters were examined, before and after the intervention period the subjects health was also examined by measuring cholesterol levels in the blood and blood pressure at rest.